To use TACC's Corral system you must request via TACC's User Portal for access:

How to use TACC's Resources with Arc

This guide will show you how you can use the filesystem resources at TACC with your account on Arc.

You must have an account with TACC and access to their Corral file system. This is the same file system used by their many clusters and UTRC.

Here is the Corral User Guide provide by TACC.

Create your TACC home directory on Arc

Create a directory in your Arc /work space, call it anything you want but for this example we are calling the directory "tacc".

[abc123@login001 ~]$ mkdir /work/abc123/tacc-home

Mounting your $HOME directory from Corral

[abc123@login001 ~]$ sshfs /work/abc123/tacc-home

Mounting your Project directory from Corral

[abc123@login01 ~]$ sshfs tacc-project

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