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Macros Special text strings expand on the fly to display information, or trigger a function. Macros are text strings in one of three basic forms: %MACRONAME{ pa...
BASETOPIC base topic where an INCLUDE started The name of the topic where a single or nested INCLUDE started same as %TOPIC% if there is no INCLUDE. This is the...
HOMETOPIC home topic in each web Examples * %HOMETOPIC% expands to ==, renders as Related NOTIFYTOPIC, STATISTICSTOPIC, TOPIC
INCLUDINGTOPIC name of topic that includes current topic The name of the topic that includes the current topic same as %TOPIC% in case there is no include. If a...
NOTIFYTOPIC name of the notify topic Examples * %NOTIFYTOPIC% expands to ==, renders as Related HOMETOPIC, STATISTICSTOPIC, TOPIC
SPACEDTOPIC topic name, spaced and URL encoded deprecated The current topic name with added URL encoded spaces, for use in regular expressions that search for bac...
STATISTICSTOPIC name of statistics topic Examples * %STATISTICSTOPIC% expands to ==, renders as Related HOMETOPIC, NOTIFYTOPIC, TOPIC
WEB name of current web * %WEB% expands to the name of the web where the topic is located. If you are looking at the text of an included topic, it is the web w...
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