How to use your assigned job queue or compute nodes

If you have purchased equipment and had it installed in Shamu you have the ability to dedicate individual compute nodes for your own use. In order to access them there are two ways, interactive session with qlogin or add your queue to your job submit file.

Using qlogin

First load the "sge" module
[abc123@login-0-0 abc123]$ module load sge

To access your nodes with qlogin, use this command where "x" is your assigned node

[abc123@login-0-0 abc123]$ qlogin -l h=compute00x

If you have a dedicated queue for your compute nodes, instead of specifying the compute node, use your queue like so

[abc123@login-0-0 abc123]$ qlogin -q your_queue.q

Using qsub

First load the "sge" module
[abc123@login-0-0 abc123]$ module load sge

If you are using a job submit file, add this line to your job submit file where "xxx" is the name of your queue
  • #$ -q xxx.q
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