WEBLIST -- index of all webs

Generate a list of webs. Obfuscated webs are excluded, e.g. webs with a NOSEARCHALL = on preference setting. The "format" defines the format of one web item. The $name gets expanded to the name of the web, $qname gets expanded to double quoted name, $marker to marker where web matches selection. Subwebs are listed recursively.


Parameter Description Default
Format of one line, may include $name (the name of the web), $qname (the name of the web in double quotes), $indentedname (the name of the web with parent web names replaced by indents, for use in indented lists), and $marker (which expands to marker for the item matching selection only). The standard format tokens may also be used. $name
separator Web separator $n (new line). Standard format tokens may also be used.
web if you specify $web in format, it will be replaced with this value.  
webs Comma separated list of webs to consider. This list can include two pseudo-webs, public which expands to all non-hidden and webtemplate which expands to the names of all template webs.
NOTE: Administrators will see all webs, not just the public ones
subwebs Specifies a single web. If specified, then public and webtemplate (described above) will expand relative to show subwebs *below this web only.  
selection Entry to be selected in list. If one of the webs matches this selection, then $marker in the format will be expanded %WEB%
marker Text for $marker if the item matches selection selected="selected"


Create a bullet list of all webs:
%WEBLIST{"   * [[$name.%HOMETOPIC%]]"}%
Create a dropdown of all public webs + Trash web, with the current web highlighted:
<form><select name="web">%WEBLIST{
      "<option $marker value='$qname'>$name</option>"
      webs="Trash, public"
      separator=" "
   }% </select></form>
ALERT! WEBLIST will not show a web called 'TWiki' even if it exists in the file system unless the TWikiCompatibilityPlugin is installed and activated in configure. This is done to ensure that the TWiki compatibility components such as the TWiki web are only visible and active when needed

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