When running Fluent v16 or above in parallel batch mode, additional parameters need to be added to the Fluent command line.

Fluent supports integration with SGE so there is no need to use qsub or qlogin to run your jobs. Below is a sample of running Fluent in parallel using 16 cores.

Note, we only have licenses for parallel runs of 16 cores with a limitation of 512,000 cell/nodes. If you request more cores, your jobs will be queued and will run once enough license are freed.

From the login nodes is where you submit your Fluent job from:
[abc123@login01: ~]$ /apps/ANSYS/ansysv190/v190/fluent/bin/fluent 3ddp -ssh -t16 -g -sge -i puls.jou

-- AdminUser - 23 Feb 2018
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